20 Unique Silicone Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Try

Silicone is an excellent alternative to toxic plastic so we’ve gathered our favorite unique silicone kitchen gadgets for you to try!

20 Unique Silicone Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Try

We've been huge fans of 100% silicone products forEVER. We found out long ago that silicone is an excellent alternative to toxic plastic, so it's become a real staple in our lives. In fact, we've been writing about its safe, heat-resistant super powers for years. And so far we've never had to worry about finding unexpected BPA, BPS, melamine (which is made with formaldehyde), polystyrene (as in Styrofoam), phthalates or lead in silicone because it was never there to begin with!

It feels like such a luxury to be able to find safe silicone alternatives all over the place these days! In fact, we're a little giddy about the number of unique silicone kitchen gadgets people are inventing. We have a couple of especially good cooks (chefs, actually) in our family, and they've given their seal of approval to each of the top picks we're sharing with you today.

Do you have any favorite silicone kitchen gadgets that you can't live without?

20 Unique Silicone Kitchen Gadgets

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  1. So how do we know what silicone is safe? I thought it all was until I read that blog by safe mama saying some contain peroxide which isn’t safe ?? I just started buying a Bunch of new products including baby items and now I’m worried. Thanks for any help on this topic.

  2. Are Mainstays silicone products free BPA, BPS, melamine, polystyrene, phthalates or lead? Mainstays products are made by Walmart and I can’t find any information on their products or how to contact them. Thank you.

    1. We haven’t researched them specifically, but you should be able to track down the information you’re looking for by calling Walmart headquarters at 1.800.WALMART to give them your product question. I imagine they’ll point you in the right direction from there. ~The Soft Landing Sisters

  3. Are silicone microwave pop corn makers safe. How do you know if the silicone truly is food grade safe?

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