How to Choose Non-Toxic Essential Oil Diffusers

How to Choose Non-toxic Essential Oil Diffusers

Worried about investing in high quality organic essential oils only to have them end up in toxic plastic? Don’t fret! Here’s a list of non-toxic essential oil diffusers you can use instead.

The thought of investing in high quality organic essential oils only to have them end up in toxic plastic drives me crazy! There's so much to think about every day, and so much plastic everywhere, even we overlook things from time to time. Hey, it's a journey right?

It happened to me the other day when I was setting up an essential oil diffuser for my son who was dealing with that nasty upper respiratory flu that's been going around. There I was, loading our diffuser with the perfect blend of essential oils and clean filtered water when it suddenly hit me — what the HECK is this thing made of? And is it spewing toxic chemicals into the air around my sick child?? Mommy spidey sense takes over. I need to know right NOW!

Well, not to worry. We averted disaster this time because I found out it was made of polypropylene, so we went about our flu fighting business, but it got me to thinking — we need to find more safe options!

How to Choose a Non-toxic Essential Oil Diffuser

I began fretting that finding a non-toxic essential oil diffuser was going to be tough, but then remembered that we had been able to locate several humidifiers made from safer plastic. So we got busy researching and rounded up a great list of diffusers! The following products are made of two types of safer plastics, polypropylene (PP) and/or ABS.

If we've peaked your interest about your own diffuser, try contacting the manufacturer directly to ask about materials. They should be able to tell you all about it. And if you have questions about certain plastics, check out our Guide to Safer vs Toxic Plastic for more information.

Wondering what ABS plastic is? We've got you covered! Click over to our article on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to see what it's all about (after we discovered that it was in LEGOS and other kids' toys, we did the research for you).


Is your essential oil diffuser safe?

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  1. Hello! On the hunt for a nontoxic diffuser… Do you happen to have an updated list as all of these are currently unavailable. Thanks.c

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