Non-Toxic Gifts for Organic Coffee Lovers

Non-Toxic Gifts for Organic Coffee Lovers

If you’re buying gifts for organic coffee lovers like me, go for these top non-toxic gifts to make sure you don’t ruin their morning buzz with hidden, unwanted chemicals!

Non-Toxic Gifts for Organic Coffee LoversIf you're like me, coffee-themed gifts can't miss. The hard part for friends of a Non-toxic Ninja is figuring out which of the myriad coffee-centric products out there won't ruin your morning buzz with hidden, unwanted chemicals.

Admit it – you know exactly what I mean. You open that amazing gift full of delicious organic coffee, only to find a “BPA-free” plastic travel mug made of who-knows-what. Dang it! Now you'll have to leave it sitting there in the back of your kitchen cabinet for a year before you can safely recycle it without them noticing…

Just skip the torture and send them this handy guide so you can both rest easy!

P.S. My birthday is coming right up in January, so Friends-o-Mine, consider yourselves served 🙂

Favorite Non-Toxic Gifts for Organic Coffee Lovers

  1. Cuppow Glass Travel Mug with Coozie: this heat-tempered soda lime mason jar comes with the original Cuppow jar drinking lid made from non-toxic recycled polypropylene and is wrapped in an insulating coozie made from recycled plastic bottles.
  2. San Francisco Bay OneCup Coffee: the perfect alternative to disposable plastic K-cups, this unique coffee is not only made with biodegradable materials, but it's also organic and fair trade.
  3. Contigo Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug: the new easy-clean lid automatically seals between sips to stop spills and leaks, while the double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps your coffee hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours.
  4. Firelight French Press Coffeemaker: this borosilicate glass coffee press uses a stainless steel 3-piece reusable filter system and makes 3 mugs-sized cups at a time.
  5. CoffeeSock ColdBrew Kit: this unique duo comes with a reusable organic cotton filter and glass mason jar for cold-brew coffee lovers. The coffee filter is handmade in the USA, fits a 64oz jar, and can be easily rinsed and reused.
  6. No Fun Jo Organic Decaf Coffee: a delicious coffee that is perfect for those of us who have to drink decaf, No Fun Jo is Swiss water processed, Fair Trade Certified, and Non-GMO.
  7. Kupko Stainless Steel Milk Frother: this handy little tool has an ultra powerful, but silent motor and can be used to whisk espresso and hot chocolate, but can also handle eggs, soups, dressings and sauces.
  8. Ceramic Burr Hand Grinder and Coffee Press: a manual coffee grinder made from stainless steel that can be used for french press, espresso, spices and herbs.
  9. Koffie Reusable Silicone Straws: these guys are made to protect your teeth from dark coffee stains. The oval shape fits most to-go coffee cup lids and are the perfect alternative to disposable plastic straws that can melt under hot temperatures, but stay cooler than metal straws.
Looking for toxic-free coffee and tea makers? Click here to check out our shopping guide!
  1. I would like to buy a coffee mug which has been crafted from chemical / toxin free materials. Can you supply this type of item? If no, can you recommend a company preferably in the UK who can do so?

    Thank you

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