5 Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Recipes

5 Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Recipes to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air quality is directly affected by the use of hazardous cleaners inside the home and with too few rules governing ingredient safety, the best solution is to use homemade cleaning supplies.

Toxic cleaning supplies are one of our biggest concerns. Indoor air quality is directly affected by the use of hazardous cleaners inside the home as chemicals linger in the air for hours before dissipating. Not only that — each year the poison control center receives thousands of calls about children ingesting dangerous chemicals found in the family's cleaning cabinet.

With tens of thousands of potential ingredients, and too few rules governing their safety, we've found the easiest way to avoid these dangerous toxins is to just make our own cleaning supplies.

So when it comes to spring cleaning this year, give these easy DIY natural cleaners a try in your home instead! They're fast and simple recipes that provide the perfect way to ease the transition to cleaning without toxic chemicals in your home while drastically reducing indoor air pollution at the same time.

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Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Recipes

It wasn't until we were desperate for safe cleaning supplies that we realized how simple it really is to make our own. Most of us have these ingredients sitting in our pantries right now! With just a few ingredients and a couple of minutes, you've got a cleaning arsenal that's both non-toxic and effective. Even with better store-bought cleaning products available now, you can't beat these 5 frugal recipes made with simple, safe ingredients to keep your home clean and your family healthy.

1) All-Purpose Cleaner

Our everyday, quick cleaner that gets the job done all around the house. This simple recipe kills germs and freshens your home from top to bottom. It can even be used on food surfaces!

Combine the vinegar and essential oil in your small spray bottle. Add the water, shake it up and it's ready to use! Shake before each use for best results.

*We always recommend certified organic essential oils to avoid the presence of pesticides that may become concentrated during the extraction process.

2) Bubbling Scrubber Cleaner

If you love bubbling bathroom cleaners but want a healthier option for your family, this easy homemade cleaner will get the job done without the toxic chemicals. Perfect for grimy areas and places with mold and mildew.

Combine all ingredients in your spray bottle. Shake well and spray on dirty areas that need scrubbing. Let sit until the bubbling stops, and wipe away.

3) Scouring Powder

An abrasive cleaner is often necessary to get tough dirt and stains out of textured surfaces. This scouring powder is your non-toxic and effective cleaning option for removing stains from porous countertops and tough jobs like sinks and bathtubs.

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon castile soap
  • small non-metal bowl or container (glass, ceramic or plastic work well)

Combine the baking soda and castile soap in your non-metal bowl or container. Sprinkle on the surface to be cleaned and rub in a circular motion until clean.

*This cleaner is abrasive. Do not use on scratchable surfaces and watch for signs of scoring.

4) Soap Scum Remover

This acidic combination is completely non-toxic and effective at breaking down and removing tough soap scum in the shower and on the shower doors. Use on tile, faucets, bathtubs, and sinks or wherever you have soap scum build up.

Mix the vinegar and lemon juice in a spray bottle and shake. Removing soap rings around the tub is as easy as spraying until heavily soaked and letting sit for at least 10 minutes. Then gently wipe and rinse away with minimal work.

5) Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet is one of those things that attracts odors that can be difficult to get rid of, and carpet stench can really hang in the air so it's a nasty double whammy. This carpet powder is all natural, smells great and gets the job done.

Place the drops of essential oil into the baking soda inside your shaker bottle. Shake well and let sit for a few days to allow the essential oils to fully mix with the baking soda. Sprinkle on the carpet and let sit for about 30 minutes before vacuuming up. For more potent fragrance and stronger deodorizing, sprinkle on carpet before bed, let sit overnight and vacuum in the morning.

*We always recommend certified organic essential oils to avoid the presence of pesticides that become concentrated during the extraction process.

What are your favorite homemade cleaning recipes?

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  1. Toxins are inevitable. They are found in the air we breathe, in the food we eat and in the water we drink and bathe with. To totally avoid toxins is impossible-at least on this planet. The amount of toxins however is where the difference lies. When your body is overburdened with toxins this can slow down the body, and worse.

    Ask yourself a few questions to see how much you may be exposed to.

    Do you drink unfiltered tap water or bottled water? Do you eat a lot of processed foods. Do you eat non-organic food? Do use conventional shampoos and personal products? Do you eat large seafood food like tune? Is your house moldy and musty? Do you use synthetic air fresheners at home? Do you have new products like new carpet, a new car or new mattress? Do you have silver fillings? Do you live in an area with lots of pollution? There are so many ways to get exposed to toxins and your job should be to limit that.

    Signs of toxicity are lethargy, depression, headaches, allergies, recurring infections, nervousness, memory loss and chemical sensitivities.

    For starters you need to be careful with what you ingest. The food and drink you intake is your biggest exposure to toxins. Processed food or “fake food” has to be seriously limited. Refined food like sandwich cookies are basically just sugar and white flour. Stripped of almost all nutrition. White bread and white flour products are stripped of most nutrition and are highly glycemic. Foods like cookies, cake, donuts, bagels etc. White rice is the same story. Too much of any sugar is unhealthy, but when using sugar try to use a healthier choice like maple syrup, honey and molasses. Most oils that are cooked at high temperatures are really bad for you. French fries and potato chips are prime examples of this. A byproduct of cooking starchy food at high temperatures is acrylamide. Many potato chips contain more than allowed by the FDA. Some were found to exceed the limit by 150 times. Many foods have chemical and artificial additives. Here are some that you may see that are unsafe, even in small amounts: Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Red 3, Yellow 6, Aspartame, Cyclamate, Olestra, Potassium Bromate, Saccharin, Sodium Nitrite.

    Our bodies are designed to eliminate toxins. The kidneys eliminate uric acid and filter out waste so it should’t build up in the blood. The lymphatic system also eliminates waste. You can stimulate your lymph function by exercising (jumping is great) and by massaging or brushing the skin in the direction of lymph flow. The intestinal tract pushes out the majority of the waste from the body. Foods with high fiber content and probiotics are helpful in this area in pushing out more waste from the digestive tract. Skin, the bodies largest organ gets rid of waste via sweat. Saunas are a great method to help further facilitate this process.

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    3. Take a kidney cleansing detox tea. You can use herbs such as dandelion, nettle and sarsaparilla root.

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