Rejuvenating Body Butter for Stress Relief and Scar Reduction

Rejuvenating Body Butter for Stress Relief and Scar Reduction

We find that our skin craves a rich, rejuvenating body butter many months of the year and this recipe is amazing for stress relief and scar reduction too!

We find that our skin craves a rich body butter many months out of the year. Of course there's always a time for lighter lotion, but during the cooler months when humidity is low and in the summer when we spend a lot of time in the pool and in the sun, our skin has a tendency to dry out and a thin lotion just doesn't do a proper job of replenishing that lost moisture.

After looking around for a super moisturizing body butter that's also effective, all natural and affordable, we came to the conclusion that we could easily create our own recipe with quality ingredients that don't cost a fortune but still provide a rich, refreshing emollient for all types of skin without any toxic chemicals

Our blend contains top notch ingredients including nourishing coconut and olive oils, conditioning vitamin E, and essential oils like neroli that are associated with stress reduction and cortisol regulation, skin rejuvenation and minimizing scars and stretch marks. And because the recipe is made without water, there's no need to add any preservatives!

DIY Energizing Body Butter

How to Make Super Moisturizing Body Butter

All you need is a pot of warm water, a mason jar and a handful of ingredients you may even have on hand to make a pleasing and beneficial lotion without any mystery elements. It only takes about 20-30 minutes to finish a 4oz batch of body butter that lasts months.

This fresh-smelling body butter has become one of our favorite homemade gifts for teachers and friends too!

Energizing DIY Body Butter Ingredients


*By opting for certified organic essential oils and other ingredients, you’re effectively avoiding toxic pesticides that can become concentrated during processing and distillation resulting in heightened toxic exposure.


  1. Place the olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax in the mason jar and set it in pot of warm water to create a water bath. Be sure the water level is a minimum of 1 inch below top of jar. Water must not get into the oil/beeswax mixture because it can cause lotion to turn rancid.
  2. Bring the water to boil. Stir the mixture intermittently until the beeswax is fully melted, and carefully remove the jar from the hot water.
  3. Add your essential oils to the beeswax mixture, and squeeze the liquid out of your vitamin E capsules into the jar (poking with a pin first makes this really easy). Stir to incorporate.
  4. As the mixture cools, it will begin to clump. Stir vigorously with fork or emulsion mixer every 8 minutes, scraping down the sides until the lotion has reached a thick consistency.
  5. Transfer to a dark glass or PET jar (learn why we recommend these two options for skin care recipes containing essential oils). It's ready to use once fully cooled.

You can store the body butter at room temperature, and because there's no water in the recipe, it'll be good for many months! Essential oils also act as natural pathogen inhibitors and we haven't experienced any problems with our body butter going rancid, but it's always best to keep your eye out for any signs of mold and discontinue use if necessary.

Be sure to take a look at this homemade lotion recipe for a lighter, yet moisturizing cream.

Energizing DIY Body Butter

  1. 46 drops TOTAL of essential oils in a 4oz. jar??? Wow, I feel that’s way way too much. So many people are having reactions to scented products these days. I’d say 6, 7 drops total of your fave essential oil is sufficient. I went to my chiropractor and the receptionist sprayed a home made scented spray of lemongrass and I had a severe reaction to it and had speaking difficulties. Scented products can be very off putting to someone who is allergic.

  2. Suffering from allergies myself, I could not agree more, however, for the amount she listed for the oils & beeswax ( not including the vitamin e), it totals to approx 7.3 ounces. 46 drops of essential oils (which are very fragrant but far from being a fragrance) only yields a dilution of 1.05%. Even if it was 4 ounces, the dilution would still be under 2% which according to Robert Tisserand’s guidelines is an absolutely acceptable range for healthy adults.

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